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May 19th Update From Dr. Kashner & Team
Dear Patients and Families,
We very much hope this email finds you and your families well. This is intended to be a quick message to clarify our scheduling plan and progress. So much has changed regarding how we need to operate going forward. Pretty much, every aspect of our practice has been evaluated for modification related to safety, efficiency and best outcomes. We are instituting artificial intelligence platforms that will allow us to see some appointments virtually. We have cleared our scheduling templates, and re-evaluated our patient pool and their needs top to bottom. At this moment please consider any appointment you have with our office as not valid. Our intention is to take an appointment that likely would not have worked out as well as we would like and put that in a place that better reflects your individual needs and progresses your treatment as we all desire. We want to make up for some lost time, as much as that is within our power, and have designed our templates to reflect that approach. We care...we care a lot and we will not leave you behind. Know that we are putting in long days working to tie it all together.

Our staff are all on board. I ran across an email this morning with the subject "What To Do When Your Staff Complain About Coming Back To Work." I was able to skip over that one, but not before taking a moment to realize how fortunate I and our patients are to have such an amazing group of professionals to care for them. No complaints but a whole lot of enthusiasm! As an example of their commitment it has been recommended by our association(s) that braces removal appointments be moved to August or beyond. While that is the advise and approach that many offices are taking, we do not see that as acceptable and are working on equipment enhancements, facility modification, filtration systems and safety protocols to make the de-bonds (braces off) happen!
We are competing with many entities for the same equipment and supplies to protect our staff and patients. To give some perspective, the Washington State Dental Association last week was able to secure 150,000 appropriate masks. You had to go wait in line in Seattle this past Saturday morning to get your ration of 50 masks max per office. Getting PPE (personal protective equipment) is nearly impossible right now! We for the most part (not entirely) will be temporarily restricting bathroom usage so at least we are out of the toilet paper competition.
* please know that we are "all about you" and are working hard to provide the best for you
* consider that any appointment you had previously scheduled with us as no longer valid
* be patient as our staff is working from home and have their own family duties to work through
* you will be contacted as we move through our lists. If you need us call us, but otherwise, to not overwhelm our voice messaging system, PLEASE ALLOW OUR STAFF TO CONTACT YOU. Our staff is not in the office and does need to check the machine remotely. We also want the emergency patients and vendors, who may have equipment/supplies, we desperately need, to be able to leave messages as necessary
* we as well are working on getting our systems and protocols documented and online so you know exactly what to expect from us and what your role will be. Orthodontic treatment can only be successful in a team approach. More than ever we depend on you to help us help you!
We hope for your continued Well Being!!
Dr. Kashner and Team

Previous Update From Dr. Kashner & Team

May 12th, 2020
To our patients...
Our office/staff hope's everyone is doing well and making the best of these challenging times. We would like to update you with the best information we have at this time.. It is proving to be quite the struggle to get the answers we need from our resources that would allow us to give you accurate or best timelines. Our most recent estimated date to reopen for non-emergency visits was May 19th and was given by Proclamation 20-24, and signed into law by Governor Inslee. As COVID-19 guidelines are evolving, we  have been working to ensure the safest possible environment for our patients, staff,  and families. This includes updated patient and staff safety protocols, increased disinfection and sterilization, air filtration systems,  office modifications/upgrades, and additional levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff.  Securing the necessary PPE is proving to be the biggest question/roadblock in allowing us to provide the definitive dates or timelines, we so desire, to pass on to you. There is an appreciation of their efforts and for the difficulties that our resources are having in providing us information they just don't have yet. We do anticipate, and certainly hope, that a lot will "come together" by week's end (5/15) allowing us to confidently move forward in rescheduling the, more than 2000, appointments that were affected.
We understand that this may be a frustrating time for all parties but please do know that our utmost goal is to take care of our patients, staff and community in the best way we can. Once we have  more definitive timelines regarding the needed PPE to operate safely and effectively we will move forward with the process and be calling you to reschedule your appointment(s).
As we are re-engaging with our patients we will be giving you information regarding where you can find our updated patient/office safety protocols. We will ask that you make yourself familiar with these written protocols and in some cases sign off that you have done so.
We wish for the health and safety of everyone in our community. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we, together, navigate the road ahead!
Dr. Kashner and Team

Our Office is Currently Closed. If you have an appointment please call to reschedule, thank you!

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